"Freedom Watch": Fox News's kookiest show

Secessionism is a frequent theme among Napolitano’s guests. Fox was once the most ardent supporter of expanding government authority. Now, with Freedom Watch, it provides a platform for those who loathe federal power so much they’re willing to see the United States unmade. In a matter of months, outrage over Obama has driven the network to a flirtation with treason.

Thomas Woods Jr., author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, an Alabama-based think tank, has been a guest on Freedom Watch several times. Woods was a founding member of the neo-Confederate League of the South, and while he vehemently denies any racial animus, he doesn’t deny that he wants to see the United States broken up. “At this point the United States, to me it’s just obvious that it’s completely ungovernable,” he says. “It’s composed of people who have such dramatically different outlooks on the universe, outlooks on the role of government, on social policy, and everybody’s fighting over which nine of us get to make social policy for the entire country.” Woods continues, “I don’t believe the union of states is a god that I worship.”

Other Freedom Watch regulars share his antipathy to the union of the states. Lew Rockwell, the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s founder, is on almost every week. Rockwell, who describes himself as a “libertarian anarchist,” says, “I don’t believe in the nation state. I despise the nation state. I despise nationalism.” His politics mix unfettered capitalism with more than a little sympathy for the old Confederacy. On his Website, LewRockwell.com, there’s a whole section, titled “King Lincoln,” devoted to articles excoriating the Civil War president.

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