ObamaCare: The ultimate leap of faith for Obama cultists

Obviously, the health care legislation being developed by the president’s Democratic allies in Congress all comes down to faith.

While Republicans speak of their faith, the speaker might say, when it comes to providing health care for all the American people, all they can talk about are taxes and costs; they are of little faith.

There is fairness in that charge. They have no faith in miracles to do man’s work. (Miracles are for God’s work.) And they have no faith in bureaucrats to do a doctor’s work. Nor have they faith in government to make decisions for free men. They reserve their faith for God. For the works of man, they measure twice before cutting once.

Of course, when the Lord comes back, should he wish to draft a health care bill for America, I am sure the Republicans would be glad to waive the CBO scoring requirement. Mind you, so much else will be happening at the time — and there will be no need for out-year cost considerations.

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