Alaska politics ponders life post-Palin

Not all Alaskans are pure “Palinbots,” as her loyalists are derided here, or unadulterated haters.

Kathy Hansen, an Anchorage attorney and self-described conservative who joined friends for after-work drinks at a bar with stunning views of Cook’s Inlet, lamented what she called the “barrage of frivolous ethical complaints” as well as the media attention directed toward the governor’s children.

“How will America attract competent candidates for government office, whatever their party, knowing that may be devastated socially and financially as a result?” Hansen wrote in a subsequent email.

But Hansen, a Palin voter in 2006 and 2008, indicated she was turned off by the governor’s decision to quit…

“She looked good on the cover of TIME, did ya see that?” asked Michelle Morris, the Anchorage resident at the street fair.

Palin, Morris exclaimed, “has been our biggest celebrity, ever, ever, ever.”

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