Cambridge cop considering defamation lawsuit against Gates

Alan McDonald, who represents Sgt. James Crowley, said the veteran cop who teaches a racial profiling class for rookie police officers has not ruled out filing a defamation of character or libel lawsuit.

“He is exploring all of his options,” McDonald told ABC News…

Sgt. Dennis O’Connor, the president of the police union that represents Crowley and other superior officers in the Cambridge Police Department, told ABC News that Gates’ arrest was “100 percent lawful” and that Obama should apologize to “Sgt. Crowley and all Cambridge Police officers.”

“Sgt. Crowley has been called a racist, a liar and stupid,” O’Connor said in an interview with ABC News. “Barack Obama just devastated the morale of the Cambridge Police Department. There are a lot of disheartened police officers out there. The remark was completely uncalled for. Sgt. Crowley — and the entire Cambridge police force — are owed an apology.”

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