Oh my: Sharpton, audience clash over Obama's performance

Now, when I say blame yourselves that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold him accountable because we should and it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stay on these issues, and we will. That’s one of the reason we’ve been on these things. But, I don’t want to hear it from some people because they were the same people criticizing me when I said ‘Mr. Obama I want to know this that and the other thing’ in advance and made him come to our convention and deal with that. They accuse us of everything. Should we hold him accountable? Yes. Should we be critical? Yes.

But should some of y’all that jumped on us and told us don’t ask him no questions, shut up, I don’t want to hear from you! I want and I dare you to call my show because I’m going to tell you to your face, you didn’t want it. Some of y’all thought you were going to get your little deal, you didn’t get it and now you’re mad. Hello. Cause I know people who went publicly hollering and screaming, “where’s Sharpton? What’s the deal?’

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