Palin, Vanity Fair, envy, and hate

If you’re Todd Purdum and you need to write a sleazy story, best to find a sleazy source willing to check dignity, honor, and facts at the door. In Steve Schmidt, Purdum found such a source.

Like a number of GOP “communicators,” Schmidt had next to no real-world experience or success before becoming a communications guru and “genius” for the Party. Rather, like many in Washington, he attached himself to the coattails of others and slowly moved up the ranks. The fact that Schmidt is attacking her to try and salvage his reputation, should be a badge of honor for Palin.

One part of the Politico story that I did find of real interest, is the section where Schmidt admits “what has been whispered about for months following the campaign: that he and another top aide had ordered a leak hunt in the campaign’s internal email system.” Now, I’m not a lawyer, but is that even legal?