Does the GOP have a shot at attracting black voters?

What the party must do instead, says Asim, is show how Americans of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures can benefit from free market economics and a commitment to personal responsibility, both of which are seen as strong tenets of Republican Party values. Perhaps an even greater challenge for the GOP is Asim’s call for the right to have a “fresher, more cutting-edge” take on positions already espoused by Democrats, essentially presenting the opposition as “on the right track” but stuck in yesteryear.

The latter suggestion sounds a lot like the call of moderate Republicans to be more like Democrats, which many conservatives say simply doesn’t win elections for the GOP. But if all GOP efforts were concentrated entirely on Asim’s first idea, the influence of the Democratic Party on black voters would still be overpowering. Democrats have simply done too exceptional a job convincing African Americans that they’re victims who need to rely on the saving graces of government. As a consequence, blacks tend to vote for the party that attempts to rescue them from the plight in which institutionalized racism is said to have left them.

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