"Animal House" at 30

So why do so many college men see Bluto as a model? “People think that behaving like Bluto will win them respect,” Mr. Watson says. Bluto has nearly become the archetype of the college man. His poster is found in dorm rooms across the country. He is a binge drinker, physically aggressive and impervious to pain — especially when he is chugging a fifth of whiskey.

Add one ingredient to Bluto’s mischievous mix, sexual prowess, and you have what at Dartmouth is currently called “the hard guy.”

An Alpha Delta insider, who agreed to be quoted on condition of anonymity, describes the hard guy. Referencing the excesses of typical Friday festivities, he says, “Your Friday night is my Monday morning.” A Web site, created by Dartmouth alumni David Grey and Bobby Zangrilli, is devoted to selling T-shirts emblazoned with that and other hard-guy mottos. Another: “Hard Guy Dating: Having a girlfriend and not even liking her.”