Senior law enf't official: Jackson was "heavily addicted" to Oxycontin, took Demerol daily

The Los Angeles police were told Jackson received an injection of Demerol one hour before his death, the official said.

The information and other emerging details, make it almost certain the Los Angeles Police Homicide and Robbery Division will launch a full investigation into the circumstances of the pop singer’s death. The squad was given the assignment initially because of the “high profile” nature of the case.

As part of the broadening investigation, police detectives are searching for Dr. Conrad Murray, a Las Vegas cardiologist, who was reportedly with Jackson yesterday but has not been located since…

A Jackson family attorney, Brian Oxman, told ABC News today he had no hard evidence but that he feared Jackson died from “overmedications.” On Good Morning America, Oxman said, “Drugs had been part of Jackson’s life since the 1980’s” and said he had warned family members that “if Jackson dies of overmedication I will not hold my tongue.”