Rallying the party of NObama

It is easy to forget how much of Ronald Reagan’s message in 1980 was “Not Carter.” Re-read Reagan’s 1980 acceptance speech at the 1980 GOP Convention and it will remind you that the Reagan Revolution was in large measure a reaction against the failed and misguided policies of Jimmy Carter.

By focusing today on Not Obama, Republicans avoid the temptation to begin throwing one another outside an already shriveling tent. For Republicans, with so many (including some of their own) urging them to form a circular firing squad and declare the other guys not “real Republicans,” it is critical to remember what unites them. Watching Obama methodically dismantle free markets and substitute group therapy for a realistic and robust foreign policy, Republicans are once again reminded of the numerous issues on which 90 percent of them — and many Independents and even moderate and conservative Democrats — can agree.