Palin's getting stronger

He is a mean, petty, bitter guy. Over the years working with candidates, I’ve dealt with late night shows a lot. And there is a definite spectrum. On one side you have Jay Leno who treated guests with total professionalism and respect. Jay would always come to the green room and personally meet the guest and make sure they were comfortable and at ease. Always brought flowers for female guests or companions. Letterman, on the other hand, was consistently rude. He acts like he’s doing you a big favor have you on the show. He never greets the guests before the show. Likes putting the freeze on them (the green room is frigid and spare) so you walk out cold and he always has the advantage.

But at the end of the day on this one, score one for Palin. She looks a good and righteous mom defending her kids and Letterman looks like the cruel punk that he is.

She’s getting stronger. And when asked by Blitzer about her plans for re-election as governor in 2010 or about a run for president in 2012, Palin demurred. Whatever she decides, she’s going to be a player. She could get re-elected and still run in 2012. Or, she could get re-elected and not run in 2012 but go out and be a celebrity on the circuit supporting the nominee and earn a lot of points for 2016 (assuming the Republicans lose in 2012, a pretty good bet right now). Or she may not run for re-election and load up for 2012. But, my bet is that whatever she decides, she’ll be on the stage in 2016. And by then, she’ll be a lot stronger. And by the Salter theorum, she will have learned a lot.