Most Iranian Jews expected to vote for ... Ahmadinejad

There are currently some 25,000 Jews living in Iran, and most of the eligible voters from this community are expected to show up and vote in the country’s elections in which Ahmadinejad will be running against prominent reformist rival Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karoubi and Mohsen Rezai.

“They are leaning towards leaving Ahmadinejad in his post because Mousavi is unpredictable,” David Mutai, Spokesman of the Central Organization of Iranian Immigrants in Israel told Ynet.

“This is a vote for the lesser evil. In the past four years the president has mainly inflamed the internal public and infuriated the nations of the world. They feel that they know him and know what he is made of, the fear is of the unknown Mousavi, and the concern is that, instead of talk, he may take action.”