Palin at Seneca Falls: "Some things never change"

Governor Sarah Palin paused Friday afternoon at the in front of a monument bearing the Declaration of Sentiments, an early feminist touchstone.

“We anticipate no small amount of ridicule,” she read, and remarked: “Some things never change.”…

“I think the more things change, the more they stay the same in some arenas,” she told POLITICO of her own experience as a woman in public life, though she hastened to add that on the presidential campaign, “I don’t know if I was treated any differently.”

It was an honor, she said, “getting to be here and to see those who have paved the way to allow me and other women standing on their shoulders to progress . I have so much appreciation for all of their efforts, and their success.”

She cited in particular the role of Susan B. Anthony, the feminist pioneer who was also staunchly anti-abortion.