Blagojevich: Eating tarantulas is an "act of love"

“She’s making a sacrifice because she loves her kids,” Blagojevich told CNN’s Larry King Wednesday night. “Eating that tarantula like she had to is an act of love. It’s a sign that this is a mother who loves her children.”…

“I sure would have liked to have been the one to have to do some of the things that, unfortunately, Patti has to do,” the removed governor said. “It’s, you know, with mixed feelings that I watch that. It’s difficult to see her have to do something like this.”

“But it’s a way for us to make a living as we rebuild our lives, keep our kids in the same school that they’re in, stay in the same home that they’ve lived in for the past eight years and try to keep as much of a normal life for our children as possible, even though we have this short period of time in the month of June that their mom is gone,” he said.