Call the terrorists what they are

Indeed, in the speech that the president delivered in Turkey, he pointedly stated that the U.S. was not at war with Islam. The only problem with that statement is that it implies somehow that we in the United States were responsible for creating that impression. It was a red herring. In point of fact, the Bush administration never once said it was at war with Islam; in fact it stated repeatedly that it was not at war with Islam. So where did this impression of a war with Islam arise from? It came from the Islamic groups themselves, from Al Qaeda to Iran to Hezbollah, from Hamas to Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf Al Qardawi. And most importantly, the false and incendiary charge that the U.S. was at war with Islam came repeatedly from U.S. based radical Islamic groups—pretending to be civil rights groups, like the Council on American Islamic Relations (which was finally labeled a Hamas front by the FBI “only” 14 years after they were explicitly created by Hamas). In speeches my organization has monitored by both these two U.S. groups and other Islamist groups and radical leaders across the country, officials of radical organizations have claimed there was a war against Islam scores of times, reverberating of course in uncritical media outlets around the world.