Reaganism vs. Meghanism

Must we choose to ditch either Meghan or Reagan evermore? Go Gay or No Way? Moderate or Evaporate?

I don’t think so. We are subject to a society which tells us that being Republican is not cool, and that being cool is important. But we are also part of a society which is occasionally able to detect cool independent of politics – think Clint Eastwood, Zo, Stephen Crowder, or even South Park – and to detect uncool as well – think Perez Hilton and Bill Richardson. Cool is a sometimes subjective term, but that pop culture paints left and right as synonymous with cool and uncool respectively is hardly in doubt. (Saved! anyone?)

We are, furthermore, in a time of dramatic upheavals, made all the more dramatic by that ever-presence of media. It is in such times that the conservative message can find a sympathetic ear, just as it did when Reagan rose, if we can but sing in the proper pitch.

I suggest that the choice before us is a false choice. It is a decision put forth by a cynical and increasingly big-government left, which is bent on the destruction of Republicans as a political force, and the marginalization of conservatism as a political movement. It’s a choice that some on the right have been fooled into believing is our last and most vital decision. But I don’t buy it.