Leave the hookers alone!

Obviously, it is the right of Craigslist to monitor content. But just as obviously, this change in policy was precipitated by the force and threats of government. Now, merely “implying” illegal behavior or having participants meet on a site and later engage in illegal behavior is enough for attorneys general to threaten legal action. And what exactly did this victory over Craigslist accomplish?

Even if you don’t believe, as I do, that consenting adults should be able to engage in any sexual relationship (even ones involving cash payouts) without interference, you could probably still concede that prostitutes meeting their johns online rather than a street corner is safer for them and healthier for all of us.

Moreover, around 20 million pages are viewed on Craigslist every month. The number of criminal incidents springing from activity on the site are minuscule or, I suspect, percentage-wise, comparable to crimes stemming from telephone calls, text- ing or smoke signals.

Finally, does any reasonable person believe that a murderer or pedophile will be dissuaded from his calling by this new policy?