What's with all these fatties feeling sorry for themselves on TV?

But as I watch such tales of woe about how fat people just can’t beat this ‘disease’, I am aware that I am (excuse the pun) helping to feed the lucrative obesity business.

The real message of these programmes is that it’s OK to be life-threateningly overweight – it’ll get you on TV! – and that we should all try to be a bit more understanding and accept obesity as a modern-day ‘addiction’.

The question of personal responsibility doesn’t come into it. Everyone mutters ‘There, there’, but no one says: ‘Stop whining and go on a diet.’ I am 20lb overweight. My life isn’t at risk and I can still leave my home without having the roof removed…

I would love to be able to blame an unhappy childhood, low self-esteem or loneliness – as so many of the inadequate people who appear on these programmes do – but the reality is that I had a happy time as a child, I’m brimming with confidence and have an active social life. The reason I’m fat is that I’m a little greedy.