I *heart* the Second Amendment

I find myself trying to explain to my Democrat friends—and a few Republican ones—why I remain a Republican and what I love about this party. I also feel like I am always trying to bridge the divide between red and blue, conservative and liberal, Democrat and Republican. This seems as good as any other place to begin. Gun control has become one of those “Republican issues” that the left has demonized as much as the right has demonized gay marriage. In fact, the Democratic Party is guilty of politicizing the issue to where it’s almost unrecognizable in public discourse. It’s no longer about a fundamental American right of responsible, trained, and law-abiding citizens. It’s about Us vs. Them. Blood-thirsty, violence-loving hicks vs. straight-laced, normal, thinking urban white-collar workers. That’s wrong. The NRA is about upholding Second Amendment rights and teaching people to be responsible with those freedoms. I’m a proud supporter.

The sooner we concentrate on the real problems that lead to gun violence and not the guns, we’ll get closer to saving lives and keeping our nation safer. Do I own a gun? No. I don’t feel I’m skilled enough yet to keep one safely in my possession. But that doesn’t mean someday I won’t own one. Or several.