Elizabeth Edwards: Not reality-based

By default or design, Elizabeth is not really a member of the reality-based community. She has, by her own account, constructed her own preferred version of events. So of course she doesn’t want to know if that’s his baby: “Actually, there’s not much reason for me – this is the part where you have to concentrate on your own life and this doesn’t – whatever the facts are, it doesn’t change my life in a sense.”

When Oprah remarks that hmm, she doesn’t know a lot of men who would run off to a hotel somewhere in the middle of the night to hold a baby that wasn’t theirs, she repeats her husband’s lie – or maybe he’d repeated hers: “Golly, then you don’t know that many politicians. We do it all the time. Holding babies is what we do.” We, she said. We politicians do it all the time.

“If we discovered that it was” his child, she went on, “then that would be part of John’s life, but it’s not part of mine. I can’t really see any up side to making it part of my life, honestly.” So poof, it isn’t. And “he doesn’t know any more than I do” about the paternity. You could easily find out, Oprah tells her.