Oh, for a western

In today’s politically correct world, the honor has been turned into something else. The boyhood game of Cowboys and Indians is not about violence or racism, it is an allegory about good and evil. To play the cowboy was to be brave and triumph over evil. To me, this seems to be an essential lesson for a child to learn. I know of a mother in California who would not allow her son to play with any kind of toy weapon, much less a cowboy fighting Indians. I think her son will grow up to be a man incapable of standing up against evil, who will shrink at the approach of the next bully, and undoubtedly vote Democrat.

Today, we have a government filled with such grown up sons. Those setting policy seem to not believe in evil, having fully accepted the concept of moral relativism, for which Pol Pot, Stalin, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Charlie Manson are just people with other points of view. President Obama wants to have a dialogue with the mullahs of Iran. Good luck, sir; you’d better take your teleprompter. The mullahs have no respect for you; you are just another infidel.