No, seriously, the right needs to fight dirty

As to the perception that we’re hateful, a lot of Republicans need to get something through their heads: as long as you disagree with the Left on anything, they are going to call you hateful. They’re going to accuse you of hating black people, Hispanics, gays, women, and the poor. Then, to top it all off, they’ll say you want the sick and the old to die in the streets. Just look at John McCain. The man spent eight years savagely attacking his own side to get in the good graces of the liberals in the mainstream media and they loved him for it — until the moment he became the Republican nominee. Then he instantly “changed” and became an unprincipled, senile old bigot, just like every other Republican they’ve ever seen. So Republicans need to stop engaging in the fantasy that they’re ever going to win over the mainstream media. They may applaud for a moment, as long as you’re doing something helpful to their cause or hurting your own. But in the end, you’re just another damn, dirty Republican to them.