Virginia Foxx and Matthew Shepard: The left's latest phony passion play

Judy Shepard like other tragic symbols Cindy Sheehan, the Jersey Widows and Max Cleland are trotted out by Democrats to make their arguments not with facts and reason but with the threat that if you disagree with them, you will be publicly shamed as a “hater.” This pathetic strategy works as Mrs. Foxx’s instant apology illustrates…

No one will ever know exactly why Matthew Shepard was killed. It’s too bad that most of his advocates are against the death penalty. Because McKinney and Henderson deserve a fate worse than life behind bars.

Mrs. Foxx joins me and gay journalist Andrew Sullivan as public figures who refuse to accept the Shepard mythology. We choose not to impugn Mr. Shepard’s memory or grant his murderers committed a “hate crime,” when it cannot be proved. The left will not accept this because it is built around divisive identity politics. It dismisses “E Pluribus Unum,” America’s formerly helpful marketing slogan, and promotes strategies that ensure the fault lines of ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation are exploitable for political gain.