No, Harry Truman wasn't a war criminal

Well, Jon Stewart apologized for calling Truman “a War Criminal,” and good for him. Everyone says things they regret, but not everyone is big enough to step up and admit they were wrong. And the following is meant in no way to diminish his apology, but the fact is, after he called Truman a War Criminal, he explained in some detail why he thought the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a criminal act. I saw nothing in the apology that led me to believe he changed his mind about the atomic attacks, and to be honest, if you honestly do believe that they were in fact criminal acts, its hard to see how you could not consider Truman a war criminal. But as someone who has had words put in his mouth, I certainly do not wish to do that to Mr. Stewart. I can’t undo the references to what he said, just as he can’t unsay what he did in fact say, but I am glad that he apologized to Truman if nothing else and I certainly think more highly of him for it.