Hoekstra to Pelosi: Knock off the "lame excuses" over what you knew

As for charges the lawmakers could have sought to cut off funding if they disapproved of the tactics, she noted that the Appropriations Committee ultimately has that authority.

But Rep. Peter Hoekstra, currently the ranking Republican on the House intelligence panel, described her comments as the “lamest of lame excuses,” saying she could have gone to then-Minority Leader Richard A. Gephardt to discuss her concerns.

“The minority leader has the same type of clearances that she has,” said Mr. Hoekstra, of Michigan. “Guess what – so does the president.”

Within the past three years, Mr. Hoekstra said he “can think of at least specifically three or four cases” in which he raised concerns about an issue with Minority Leader John A. Boehner or former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert. In a couple of instances, he was granted an audience with then President Bush.