Somali pirates attack U.S. cargo ship, but fail to board

“The pirates pretty much shot up the bridge, but no one was hurt,” according to one source. The crew immediately requested assistance from the Navy, which dispatched forces that were able to thwart the pirates. Navy spokesman Captain Jack Hanzlik said the USS Bainbridge, a destroyer, had arrived to the scene at 5:30 p.m. and that the pirates had left.

The crew of the ship barricaded themselves in the engine room as they came under fire and waited for help to arrive, reported.

“We are under attack by pirates, we are being hit by rockets. Also bullets,” sailor Thomas Urbik of Illinois, wrote in e-mails to his mother, Katy, according to CNN. “We are barricaded in the engine room and so far no one is hurt. [A] rocket penetrated the bulkhead but the hole is small. Small fire, too, but put out.”