God bless Obama for taking on those anti-amnesty nativists!

God bless you Mr. President for having the courage to resuscitate this incredibly contentious and important issue. You will be scorched and criticized by the nativists. It will be very hard, maybe impossible to get done. But it’s the right thing to do and it’s actually and ultimately very good politics for you and the Democratic Party…

Obama’s critics, many among his own party, will say now is not the time for this discussion. Too many other pressing priorities. But, I think Obama Inc. understands that while they may not get it done now, the debate will be heard two very important constituencies: the anti-immigrant forces who will crank up their talk radio microphones to a howling screech, and Hispanics who will listen quietly and then go vote in huge numbers for Democrats.

So while some may question the timing of Obama stepping into the immigration debate, I think he knows exactly what he’s doing by stepping into this briar patch.