Obama's favorite show? "Entourage"

“We would talk about ‘Entourage’ all the time,” said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

“A couple of times during the campaign, we would have these Sunday night calls at the same time as ‘Entourage,’” Gibbs recalled. “I remember one time I e-mailed him because the call was scheduled for the last 15 minutes of ‘Entourage’ and I said, ‘Just be late and we can just watch “Entourage” and still get on and do the call.’”

“And it worked,” Gibbs continued, laughing. “We got to see ‘Entourage.’”…

Although many TVs in the West Wing are tuned to MSNBC, aides say Obama hardly ever watches news programs, preferring to “read the news,” as one aide put it. And he never watches reruns of his own speeches or news conferences, aides say.