Obama lied, post-partisanship died

All in all, the President is engaging in exactly the sort of legislative and rhetorical sleights of hand he once disavowed. And only two months in. I have written it before on this blog and I’ll write it again: Wow. Just plain wow.

That’s not to say that Republicans don’t have a hand in the early, ugly death of bipartisanship. It’s that the President who ran for office largely based on of his ability to be a transpartisan healer shares a great deal of the blame. Thus, he has broken one of the core pledges of his candidacy…

In the short term, the President might score some political points by doing everything he once decried while claiming it is the Republicans who are the “same old same old.” But in the long run? This kind of sharp elbows approach is how grudges are formed. That can be a problem if your vision of a permanent majority is fleeting, and you someday find yourself surrounded by your suddenly numerous political rivals, who resent you because you kicked them when they were down.