Meet the anarchists plotting to overthrow capitalism

“People are in an incendiary mood,” says Bone. “1 April will see the biggest ructions on the street since the poll-tax riots and possibly even the Gordon riots of 1780. I don’t think politicians realise quite how angry we are. In the past six months, this country has been turned upside-down. A deep recession has been created by a few greedy bankers and as a result, thousands have lost their homes and jobs. A dam of resentment has built up and 1 April is when all these pissed-off people march on the City to take what’s theirs. Capitalism itself is on the ropes.”

Bone believes the anarchists’ moment has finally come. With the banking system on its knees and capitalism ‘ floundering, a window of opportunity for real change has arisen. “We need to seize the moment,” he says. “There was a moment in May 1968 and another in the 1980s under Thatcher when the miners were on strike, but we failed to grasp either. This one is different. No one’s ever seen what we are seeing now with the economy and it’s the economy that drives people to the streets.”