Allies rip Palin's team as not ready for primetime

Interviews with Alaska and Washington-based GOP political professionals who are familiar with the Palin operation describe the governor’s team as a gang that couldn’t shoot straight, a staff whose failure to execute basic political maneuvers too often entangles the governor in awkward and embarrassing situations that could have easily been avoided.

The state of confusion is compounded by two separate Palin spheres that don’t communicate with each other, one based in the governor’s office and another based in the D.C.-area, where Palin’s political action committee is located—and the incongruous presence of a high-profile Democratic trial lawyer among her political advisers…

Recher, a veteran of both terms in the Bush White House, indicated he shared the concerns of other Palin allies.

“Nobody from the campaign who I am in touch with knows who is at the PAC, who is really staffing it or what exactly it does,” he said.