Extortion: Did Cuomo threaten to out AIG employees who didn't return bonuses?

The email, obtained by CNBC, states the following: “Please be aware that we have received assurances from Attorney General Cuomo that no names will be released by his office before he completes a security review which is expected to take at least a week. To the extent that we meet certain participation targets, it is not expected that the names would be released, at all.”…

In a Monday night news conference with reporters the attorney general said that releasing the names would be in the interest of explaining to taxpayers how their money was used—and that if the money were returned, it would severely diminish if not extinguish the need to release the names.

When asked by the reporters if there was any implied threat in Cuomo’s request the employees return the money he said, “I do not threaten, nor do I use strong language.”