Obama's "evil" twin

The twin-ness even carries over to the way the two men view their race. During his campaign, with the notable exception of his “race speech” in Philadelphia, Obama made a concerted effort not to make his race an issue. He made the historic nature of his candidacy implicit. Steele has a trickier job. One of the reasons he was elected party chairman is his ability to reach out to minorities. So in a way his job is to emphasize his background. But sometimes it comes off weirdly. After Steele called Obama’s stimulus package “a wish list from a lot of people who have been on the sidelines for years, to get a little bling, bling,” Gawker declared: “The Republicans have finally found their voice: it’s the voice of a 50-year-old using hiphop slang from the end of the ’90s.” Obama’s hip-hop references are from at least 2003.

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