What's the big deal about working with a domestic terrorist?

It’s time for a little perspective.

I served for a few years on two Democratic groups’ boards, which met monthly. I saw some of my fellow board members socially; I’d even occasionally grab lunch or coffee with one of them, or attend a political event in his or her home. Based on reports, I saw them with much more frequency than Obama saw Ayers – yet it it would be grossly inaccurate to say I “palled” around with them.

With the few who were legitimately pals, I had a clear personal relationship, attending their birthday and dinner parties and vacationing with them. There is no evidence that Ayers and Obama ever had that kind of close relationship or anything even approximating a friendship.

The average American doesn’t do the kind of networking that someone in national politics does, so it’s easy for Obama bashers to portray professional interactions as a meaningful friendship.

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