Hey, maybe a landslide will do the GOP good

Heading into 2010, though, Congressional Republicans will have to redefine, for themselves and for voters, the very basic question of what conservatism means. Will democratization and interventionism, products of the Bush presidency, remain articles of faith, or will the party revert to its noninterventionist traditions? And will the populist resentment of the financial bailout that we just saw among House Republicans replace the instinctive support for big business that traditionally defined them?…

Then there’s the presidential race of 2012. The logical front-runner would be Mitt Romney, based on his strong showing in this year’s primaries; the potential breadth of his appeal within the party (and among independents); his money; his executive background; and his communication skills.

But Mr. Romney’s pathological desire to align himself with the prevailing views of his target audience (as opposed to leading them to his views) might leave him with little to say as the party searches for a new identity.

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