"It's time to let Palin be Palin -- and let it all hang out"

Amid the heavy scrutiny in a close campaign, Gov. Palin is under considerable pressure to make Thursday’s debate a “game changer,” advisers said. The campaign is sending in Sen. McCain’s debate coach, Brett O’Donnell, to help with her preparation, advisers said. Though he always was expected to help out after Sen. McCain’s debate Friday in Oxford, Miss., Mr. O’Donnell now needs to “undo” much of her previous debate prep, which has resulted in occasional “rote” responses, one adviser said.

“We’ve got four days,” another adviser said Sunday. “People love Sarah Palin and she’s got a unique personality and presence we need to bring out — not shut down.” Aides will work with her this week to be certain her responses use “her words,” this adviser said.