NPR interviewer to Ahmadinejad: Do you listen to the Beatles and Led Zep?

NPR: Do you watch any Western television programs, Mr. President?

Ahmadinejad: Yeah, like everyone else!

NPR: What programs?

Ahmadinejad: People, after all, like movies and shows…


NPR: What’s something you’ve seen recently?

Ahmadinejad: Of course, very little, I mostly watch Iranian TV and listen to international news.

NPR: Any Western music that you listen to or books that you read?

Ahmadinejad: Sure, me too, like everyone else, but this isn’t what matters. That’s not how nations matter. People in Iran see everything, read everything, they don’t restrict themselves to one outlet.

NPR: The Beatles? Led Zeppelin?

Ahmadinejad: And it doesn’t basically put restrictions on itself. They use whatever they have! But that’s the Iranian nation. And they know how to defend their own rights, too. They won’t put up with force or with domination. Whoever, by whoever, please remember that.

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