Video: MKH returns to Fox News, pays tribute to late husband

Five weeks ago, Mary Katharine Ham’s husband, Jake Brewer, was killed in a cycling accident while raising money for cancer research and awareness. He was 34 years old. Mary Katharine has mostly grappled with her grief in private, mourning with family and friends; she’s also used various social media platforms to help preserve Jake’s memory in a more public fashion. The moving note she posted to Instagram on the weekend of his death served as a testament both to his powerful legacy and her preternatural strength. Her beautiful, informal eulogy delivered at an impromptu gathering of Jake’s former coworkers and loved ones was intended for a limited audience, though she later agreed to make that tribute public. Now, as she begins the difficult, halting journey of seeking some semblance of “normalcy” and re-engaging the news cycle, Mary Katharine returned to Fox News — her television home of many years — to address the tragedy that has forever changed her life. Last night’s edition of On the Record featured a report from correspondent Griff Jenkins, who accompanied MKH as she walked a 10K in Jake’s honor at Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon, followed by an extraordinary sit-down interview with Greta Van Susteren.  Words fail.  Just watch:

“There have been blessings in [this], even though it’s a terrible thing. And one of the blessings is that…people I know personally, my professional family here at Fox and elsewhere — and thousands of people that I do not know, who are among our viewership, and just people who cared about us — have been willing to support us. And just armies of people praying for us. That really has brought me so much comfort, and brought all of us so much comfort. So I’d like to say ‘thank you’ for that…

There’s a sign post in my life now, of before and after this happened. The thing is, and I think Jake would want this for us: It is an impossibly, irreparably sad thing that happened to us, but I am not an impossibly, irreparably sad person. And my children will not be. And our family will not be. Because he would want us to live bravely and he would want us to have fun. And I will probably always think that the world is a little bit less fun and beautiful because he’s not here, but he would say it’s by job to get off my butt and make it fun and beautiful…

If you had put this exact scenario to Jake, he would have said beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could handle it. Now, that does not mean that I have no doubts. But the fact that he would not gives me strength. I really believe that. And he will continue to give me strength from elsewhere, as well…The [10K] race and this whole process are about putting one foot in front of the other and not giving up. And that’s what I’m doing.”

Mary Katharine and Jake have a two-year-old daughter and a second child due in a matter of weeks.  Thanks to the staggering generosity of thousands of friends, family members, colleagues and kind-hearted strangers — including many Fox viewers and Hot Air readers — an online memorial fund will ensure the future education of the remarkable couple’s children.

We love you, Mary Katharine.

We miss you terribly, Jake.

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