Fox Poll: 83 percent call Iran untrustworthy, huge majority says Obama must get Congressional approval for deal

Fox News’ fresh scientific nationwide poll reflects deep public skepticism of Iran, and an overwhelming consensus that the Obama administration must seek Congressional approval for any nuclear deal struck with the regime in Tehran — if one emerges at all, that is:

Who are those 16 percent, you ask? Why, here’s one, just now:

Additional nuggets from the survey:

That last lopsided number includes 89 percent of Republicans, 79 percent of independents and nearly two-thirds of Democrats. It also mirrors Pew’s recent finding that heavy majorities want Congress to have the final say on a potential agreement.  The concept is pretty straightforward, actually: The legislative branch has a Constitutionally-specified role in foreign policy decisions, particularly as it pertains to treaties.  If O wants his terrible deal to have any legal weight beyond January 20, 2017, he needs Congressional buy-in.  Hmm, perhaps those 47 Republican Senators (and 367 members of the House) were simply stating facts and justifiably defending their prerogatives, rather than committing sedition, or whatever.  Respondents split (47/44) on the acceptability of the deal based on vague, anodyne wording, but give low marks to another Obama administration negotiation fiasco:

Obama’s overall approval rating clocks in at (45/50), which is relatively strong for him (albeit with a D+4 sample).  The president’s job approval has floated in the 40-45 percent range since September.  He’s also still underwater by double digits on his handling of healthcare, terrorism, immigration, foreign policy and Iran. A majority disapproves of his economic job performance, with Americans describing their economic outlook as “nervous” versus “confident” by a 16-point spread.  Last item:

Democrats, by far, were the likeliest group to have preferred a Netanyahu loss. They were also the cohort most likely to respond that they didn’t care either way. It’s almost as if the Democratic coalition is comprised of leftist ideologues and disengaged ‘low-information’ voters, who are particularly susceptible to the Outrage Circus’ identity politics-based manipulation.

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