Poll: Undecided 2014 voters disapprove of Obamacare by 40 point margin

Liberal pollsters aren’t issuing frank warnings about an emerging enthusiasm gap and admonishing Democrats to distance themselves from Obamacare for kicks and giggles. They’re doing so because they’re staring at numbers like these every day:

Overall support for the law is underwater at (41/53), with an intensity gap of 20 points.  Obamacare’s approval rating is upside-down among virtually all demographic groups: Men, women, independents, young voters, seniors and Hispanics (the lone exceptions being Democrats and African-Americans).  Tellingly, Fifty-fix percent of uninsured Americans disapprove of the law.  Among those who describe themselves as likely but undecided 2014 voters, Obamacare approval sits at a robust (25/65) — which is surely why Nancy Pelosi keeps advising Republicans that campaigning against the law is a waste of breath.  A few additional nuggets from this fresh Morning Consult nationwide survey:

(1) Less than one-fourth of respondents (24 percent) say Obamacare will make things better for their family; 41 percent say it will make things worse.

(2) Only 11 percent of Americans expect the overhaul to lower healthcare costs — including just three percent of undecided voters — a brutal assessment of one of the law’s top promises.  Sixty percent say Obamacare will increase costs.

(3) Twenty-three percent of respondents say the law will improve access to care, while 37 percent believe the opposite.  On quality of care, 18 percent foresee improved care, whereas 37 percent are bracing for an erosion.

(4) Less than a third of the public (31 percent) says Congress should leave the law intact or expand it.  Everyone else is split evenly between either making changes to the law (35 percent), and de-funding or repealing it (34 percent).  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, one of the most popular “fixes” to Obamacare is delaying or repealing the individual mandate tax — which would gut the law.

(5) Among respondents who’ve visited Obamacare’s online exchange, 73 percent chose not to purchase coverage — and among that group, the top reason cited was “the price of health insurance policies.”  These results mirror other studies on the uninsured population’s interaction with the new law.

(6) Americans split almost evenly on the question of which political party they generally trust more on healthcare-related policies, with Democrats holding a slim 52/48 edge.  Democrats have traditionally enjoyed a double-digit advantage on this question.

Keep waiting, guys.

UPDATE – A fresh CBS News poll is also pretty ugly across the board for Obama. The president is 16 points underwater on healthcare, specifically.