Fear and Loathing in the Democratic Party

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No, this is not going to be a column comparing the modern-day Democratic Party to a drug-induced, hallucinogenic, Las Vegas road trip. But between elected Democratic politicians and their allies in regime media, they are seeing things this Father's Day that you and I, and virtually all Americans, are not concerned about one whit. 

If you were in charge of programming a Sunday news show on one of the networks, there's no shortage of possible subjects to explore. Whether it's Joe Biden's G7 trip, the Biden celebrity fundraiser in Los Angeles, Donald Trump's veepstakes, the arrest of eight ISIS-related terrorists in Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia after crossing the border illegally and vetted by U.S. personnel, food costs continuing to rise, interest rates holding steady because inflation is still not under control, crime rampant in virtually every Democratic-run city in the country, the Russia-Ukraine war, the Israel-Hamas war, which is rapidly morphing into the Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah war, and the anti-Semitic disease spreading like Kudzu in academia and society alike, the only hard part of programming a show would be to decide what gets cut. 

This Father's Day, with the lone exception of Fox News Sunday, the other four - CBS' Face the Nation, NBC's Meet the Press, ABC's This Week, and CNN's State of the Union, seemed to believe that you care about January 6th. Still. And if you don't care about it due to bigger worries about how you're going to pay for rent, gas, electricity, and food, regime media is going to keep doing their darndest to make you care. 

To be fair, Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation didn't spend very much time on January 6. It really was a cameo, a drive-by mention. 

As fouls go, it's a minor one. It's a cheap shot, just to remind you that every time Donald Trump sets foot in the District of Columbia, you're supposed to mind associate January 6th with Trump. Mind you, nobody cares anymore outside of diehard Never Trumpers and regime media.

It got worse. Jake Tapper interviewed Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, a resident on the Donald Trump short list of possible vice presidential nominees, and you'll be shocked to learn that a good chunk of the conversation was spent on J6. 

I don't seem to recall Jake Tapper spending years after the 2000 Election, the one where former Vice President Al Gore tried to throw out military ballots, sued to count votes that weren't punched for him because his poll watchers intuited voters meant to vote for him, contesting Florida for weeks until he could engineer a way to steal a win. That's all ancient history. 2020 is the new 2024. Regime media will never let that go. 

By the way, as long as we're on Cotton's appearance on CNN, here's a fun clip of Cotton dunking on the propensity of Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine only during Democratic administrations. 

Meanwhile, on This Week, Jonathan Karl has J6 on the brain. It's chronic at this point. He spoke with another resident of the possible Trump VP list, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. 

Ponderous doesn't begin to describe this line of questioning, and yet it continued. 

The imagination award to keep J6 full frontal goes to Kristen Welker at NBC's Meet the Press. She had a sit-down interview with veteran character actor Michael Imperioli. If you don't know who Michael is, if there was a film or TV series about the Mafia in the last couple of decades, Imperioli almost certainly played a role in it. He's currently featured in a new Broadway adaption of the 1882 Henrik Ibsen play, "An Enemy Of The People." You'll never guess where he found inspiration for his role as Peter Stockmann - the January 6th attack.

The loathing media and the Democrats have for Republicans' willingness to vote for Donald Trump in spite of January 6th and the legal kitchen sink thrown at him, is turning into fear. The fear is that Joe isn't going to make it, and there's not much nimbleness in what to do in case he can't. The fear is turning into flop sweats at night if the polling out of Minnesota over the weekend showing Donald Trump winning Minnesota by four. 

The President's G7 trip was an unmitigated disaster. Here's a headline from the U.K. Sun. 

Lots of my lefty friends have a genuine fear about the likely return of Donald Trump. And they're ticked at the Democratic Party for running Joe Biden against him, who obviously is losing a little more mental ability each and every day. Everyone can see it. 

Virtually the entire country is going through cognitive decline with some member of their family or someone close to them going through it. The process is oftentimes tragic, sad, depressing, poignant, and even funny at times. But under no circumstances would loved ones around someone going through decline make a recommendation to 320 million people that that family member ought to be president for the next four years. But that's exactly what Dr. Jill Dr. Biden, Ed.D, is doing. The Lady Macbeth of American politics, as columnist Salena Zito referred to her on a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt, conducted a stump speech, and offered this up as a reason to vote for Old Joe one more time. 

I get that the best way to handle an uncomfortable moment in a campaign is to hang a lantern on it, own it, be self-deprecating about it, and use it to your advantage. That's smart politics. This wasn't that. This was reminding you that Joe is really old, but engaging in chronological whataboutism with Donald Trump. 

Two-thirds of the American people in a recent poll have come to a conclusion that Joe Biden will not finish a second term if elected, and that's really problematic considering who would take over. Here's former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Mark Levin on Fox News with the details. 

The fear is real, and the fear is growing. After Biden's celebrity fundraiser in Los Angeles over the weekend, one viral clip spoke volumes.

In the United States Senate, the majority party always has a senator in the chair to keep proceedings in order. Same deal in the House. There is a rotation schedule for each day's session where someone else comes up and is handed the gavel every hour or so of floor time. This is what it's like around Joe Biden these days. Wherever the President goes, whether domestic or international, everyone takes turns keeping an eye on Joe to make sure he doesn't wander off, commit a gaffe, or demonstrate for the world to see that his cognitive decline is getting worse. 

On stage at the fundraiser, it was Former President Barack Obama's turn, and when Joe locked up at the end of the event, he physically grabbed Joe's arm and towed him off-stage. He could have nudged him in the back nonchalantly, he could have whispered under his breath to Joe that it was time to go. There are a number of ways he could have encouraged the President to leave the stage with a little more dignity. Instead, Joe was carted off by the arm like a misbehaving toddler in a store.  

Fear takes many forms. In this case, allies of Biden pushed back to tell you that what you saw wasn't at all what happened, that Joe was in fine form, and that this was a deep fake. Here's Biden press staffer Andrew Bates. 

Except it wasn't faked. The sad reality is this video is all that the fundraiser will be remembered for, when it should be remembered as the payback for Joe Biden caving on Israel in order to appease one of the fundraiser's co-sponsors, George Clooney. Clooney's wife, Amal, was the attorney who worked with the International Criminal Court to prepare arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden's immediate reaction to those arrest warrants was to dismiss the ICC as not a serious organization. Clooney met with Biden immediately, reminded him where Biden's campaign money is coming from, and to keep his opinions of the work product of Clooney's wife to himself. Biden reversed himself within a day, and here we are, less than a month later, and Clooney's on stage with Joe begging for cash. 

The fear is that there's no backup if Joe can't answer the bell one day soon. Instead, this is who and what looms. 

Ah, yes, the community. You know, if you took the community out of communities, they wouldn't be communities. 

Speaking of communities, here's one that Kamala Harris is giddy about. 

The lack of self-awareness of Harris is only matched by that of the White House Press Office, who on Saturday recognized a very important day on the calendar - World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

You might think this statement is written by someone without a clue of what's going on around them, but maybe it's a cry for help. Maybe Joe needs a hostage rescue operation to escape the clutches of Dr. Jill Dr. Biden, Ed.D. 

Finally, fear and loathing meet desperation and pathetic at the Tony Awards in New York City. Making a surprise appearance was Hillary Clinton, who still can't be convinced she didn't win in 2016. She was there to make an introduction but got sidetracked into trying to convince everyone in the room who are voting Democrats to get out and vote, and anyone who might happen to be watching that are a little deflated watching Joe Biden slowly slip away that they still have to vote.

Note that the second she started getting political, the music began to play her off the stage, causing her to raise her voice and come perilously close to the shrill zone. 

The first day of summer, historically regarded as the slow season for politics, begins on Thursday. My guess is the only thing moving slowly this summer will be the incumbent president trying to convince you in any way possible that the other person is still worse. 

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