Joe Biden's G7 Italian Job Going About As One Would Expect

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The G7 convened this week in Fasano, a little town in the province of Brindisi, Italy. If you look at a map, you'd find it in the heel of the boot in the southeastern region of the country called Apulia. The location of the summit is a master class in poetic symbolism, because every one of the leaders there are politically on their heels as well.  

The rogues' gallery assembled to discuss what to do about the Ukraine-Russia hot war, what to do about the Israel-Hamas hot war, as well as inflation problems with which are running higher than anyone is comfortable.

With all the vigor the 81-year old president could muster, considering he is mentally and physically going through atrophy by the day, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. entered the arena. 


Not just one world leader was pointing the way forward for Joe, they all were. Couldn't someone just deck out a presidential wheelchair for the old guy and roll him around? They could nickname it WOTUS (walker or wheelchair). They could put a red button next to the joystick and call it a mobile command center. Here's the assembled group.

From left to right, you've got Charles Michel, the European Council president, a position that is chosen in an internal election of member states of the European Union, not by the public, and not accountable to any parliamentarian form of government. To his right is Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Scholz' three-party coalition just got hammered Sunday in European Parliament elections, with all three of his parties getting beat by the conservative party, Alternative for Germany. He comes to the G7 reeling back home. 

Next to Scholz is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has just about worn out his welcome with all of Canada by this point, as Pierre Poilievere is poised to sweep the conservatives into power by no later than 2025, with most experts thinking elections will have to take place yet this year. 

Emmanuel Macron of France is to Trudeau's left, and he just got thumped in elections there last week. He's on his way out sooner rather than later. Of the entire slate of leaders, Italy's Giorgia Meloni is the only one not currently hated by most of the population of her country. Next to her is our Joe, who seems pleased to discover that Italy has squirrels to look at out in the countryside, too. 

Next to Biden is Japan's Fumio Kishida, and as the graphic above reads, his poll numbers are lower than Biden's, if that is possible. And that's the high water mark. The approval rating for his cabinet in the Liberal Democratic Party is down to 16.4% as of this month. Rishi Sunak, the British prime minister, is presiding over impending doom for the Tories in upcoming UK elections. Bookending the group is Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, another unelected bureaucrat. 

While pictures were being taken of the group watching skydivers descend around them, Joe wandered off. He must have thought they were flying squirrels. Seeing that the American president was acting like jetlag-induced Sundowners was taking hold, Meloni literally had to go get him with the hook and drag him back to the rest of the group.


The highlight of the first day was to be a joint press conference between Biden and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. Why? Because it was being advertised that Biden would indeed take questions, something he hasn't done since his son changed his name to Convicted Felon Hunter Biden. It started an hour behind schedule. 

Once he started making his remarks, Biden's frail, thin voice became no match for a helicopter overhead, so he paused for the aircraft that was essentially heckling him. 

When you could hear him again, it didn't seem to matter, because Biden still can't read and no one could understand what he was trying to say. 

On substance, Biden was petty and partisan, attacking Republicans back home in Congress for daring to make a play for money to bolster American border security in addition to money to help Ukraine with its current border problems. 

And do you remember the same Joe Biden that promised the world that if China invaded Taiwan, the United States would go to war and come to the defense of the tiny island nation? Well, that's pretty much off the table now. 

Until Ukraine gets all the air defense systems it needs, everyone else we've already made promises to gets to wait in line. How much will Ukraine need and for how long will they need it? Well, Biden did announce a 10-year cooperation treaty that technically isn't an enforceable treaty. Those take overwhelming votes in the Senate. Guess what this statement means to Taiwan? It sucks to be them. That's what. I'm sure that comment hasn't made its way to Xi Jinping, yet, right? 

He did take questions, as promised - two. Here's the first exchange:

So much for a free press. Biden is in Italy not just to talk Ukraine, but to talk Israel, too. It's been a thing on his plate for several months now. It's not like the question was a gotcha question. It's a salient problem facing the world's economic powers, and yet Biden scolds the reporter for not asking the question he was supposed to ask, one for which the answer was already typed up and loaded into the teleprompter. 

Joe Biden couldn't and wouldn't speak about Israel, because either he or his staff, or both, are convinced he can't think on his feet anymore and speak off the cuff. That debate with Donald Trump in a week and a half is going to be an awful lot of fun, isn't it?

He then got a scripted question about Hunter, and this is how the President reacted. 

Look, I'm not going to belabor the point and be heartless about a father's love for a son here. I get it. I also understand that drug abuse and/or alcohol addiction is a disease that warps the underlying personality of an otherwise decent a degree. But the most decent man I know? Come on. The one thing we learned from the trial last week is that the laptop is real. Twitter/X may not be real life, but that laptop sure as hell is. I saw a lot of pictures that came off of that laptop. I saw the name of the American Express card covered in white powder on a hotel nightstand after cutting rails of cocaine before exploring each other on the bed naked. That's a lot of things. Decent isn't the first word that comes to mind. 

The buzz this week about the upcoming debate is whether the Biden camp is using backchannel pressure on CNN to get Trump to consent to it being a seated affair. Trump insists upon them standing up. CNN wants them seated, because Joe Biden can't stand there for an hour and a half anymore. He's not physically up to the challenges of running for the job, much less the workload of the job itself. 

So what if the unthinkable happens, and Joe Biden doesn't answer the bell one morning between now and November. He's declining every single day. We all see it. At some point, the decline will be precipitous enough that he won't get up out of bed. That day might happen this month, this year, next year, or the year after that. But the odds that Joe Biden will still have vigor and viability at 86, his age at the end of his second term, is a sucker's bet. What does that mean? Look who's in the wings brushing up her chops on policy.

So real estate appraisers are no longer allowed to base home valuations on comp sales in the area? They need to adjust for the racial component of the neighborhoods? It's terrifying that she's trying to meddle with the housing market on racial grounds, and has no earthly idea that the problem she's trying to fix has nothing to do with how appraisals work. 

One heartbeat away, or one moment when Joe sees another squirrel when someone's not watching him, and then we're really in the soup. 


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