Once More, From the Top, Joe Biden Is Lying About His Political Origins

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To what length did Joe Biden pander for the Black vote in Philadelphia and Baltimore Wednesday? Thiiiiiiiis much. 

Veteran political analyst Larry Sabato's Center For American Politics ran a piece a couple months ago that showed the makings of an electoral disaster ahead for Joe Biden among Black voters. In 2016, against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump got only 6% of available Black voters. He did better with that demo against Joe Biden in 2020 - he got 7%. 

This time around, several different pollsters are all telling roughly the same story. The floor is collapsing under the President with Black voters. Will he still win the majority of minorities? Yes. But here's just a sampling of polling from March: 

* Economist/YouGov - Trump is polling at 15%.
* Yahoo/YouGov - Trump polls at 18%.
* Quinnipiac has Trump at 19%. 
* New York Times/Siena, and CBS/YouGov, both have Trump at 23%. 


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That's disastrous when you look at the bits of tile that make up the mosaic of Democratic presidential voters, and we're not even factoring in the intensity level of support of those who will still vote for Biden, which has also softened dramatically.

Those numbers were from two months ago, and the slidin' away from Biden trend has only continued. The Biden/Harris 2024 campaign, such that it is, when it's not injecting Travis Bickle into the mix as a surrogate, is pandering to every Black audience it can find. 

Wednesday's twin feature consisted of an appearance at a majority-Black grade school in Philadelphia, in the gym, with over half of it cordoned off due to lack of audience. There were just enough people and props installed to make for a staged TV shot, and nothing more. 

As far as Biden addresses go, on a scale from 1-10, 1 being hungover from a previous day's dose of wake-up juice, and 10 being 1987's Neil Kinnock press conference, the Philly affair was around a 3.5. Karen has some of the lowlights, but one consistent canard Joe Biden cannot seem to let go is the one about how he got his political start as a kid getting involved in the civil rights movement. 

Now this is absolute nonsense. It's nonsense on stilts, no matter how many times Joe Biden tells the story. His claim over the years is some version or another of a protest he participated in as a small child on the porch of a Black family. Here's a montage of how that's been told over the years. 

Biden made this claim on the Howard Stern show in April. Snopes took a look at it. Fact-check: False.

Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post looked in 2020 at the amorphous, shape-shifting civil rights narrative Biden has told. Fact-check: Two Pinocchios. Continuing to lie about it dozens of times typically moves into the Endless Pinocchio category. Biden has two of those awards, one for his claim about traveling the Tibetan Plateau with China's Xi Jinping, the other one about how he claims he reduced the deficit by trillions. This continual nonsense about his protesting days, after being shown to be false, should be rewarded with another Endless Pinocchio, making him a Triple Crown winner, just one bogus story away from the Gland Slam of prevarication. 

Even PolitiFact looked at the claims. Fact-check: False.

When you've got the Larry, Curly, and Moe of left-wing fact-checkers all agreeing that Joe Biden is all wet on this narrative, that should be enough conclusive proof that you'd think someone around the President would put a stop to this. If I wanted to, I could cite Daniel Dale over at CNN (Shemp), who still can't find evidence of any of this being true.  

As a chaser, Jake Tapper came in after the montage above. Here's how he reacted. 

Fact-check: He lied.

Once the lackluster Philly speech was finished, the President shuffled his way up to Baltimore. Mind you, he didn't appear at a campaign rally or a union venue. He showed up at a Biden/Harris field office in Baltimore to rally the troops. Among the wandering around, both physically and mentally, Biden came out with this. 

It's still not true, and it's not any more true than it was in Philly. Here's the disturbing part. This comment was the beginning of remarks to a room full of campaign employees and volunteers. Now here comes Joe Biden, exactly ten minutes older and further along in mental decline, in the same office, with the same microphone, talking to the same audience. 

The story wasn't true 10 minutes ago, and it's not any truer now. As an added bonus, his activism as a kid now is pinned to 1969 when Joe, just out of diapers, apparently, would have been 27-years old. I'll leave the 'Biden is back in diapers now' joke to others. He simply forgot what he'd said 10 minutes earlier, and no one in the room had the courage to calmly give him the hook, or better yet, turn the camera off, pull the fire alarm, flip the circuit breaker, anything to stop this debacle from continuing. 

I could go on and on about the maniacal nature of Joe Biden's willingness and ability to lie so openly about his life when the lies are so easy to disprove. And his cognitive mental decline on display currently can't be used as an excuse. As you can see from the montage video, even when he was compos mentis, he still lied...about everything. 

That is, until he got caught plagiarizing Neil Kinnock. That's what torpedoed his 1988 presidential ambitions, and had to give the Mea Culpa press conference, owning up to the acres of bovine excrement he'd shoveled over the years. 

The ultimate authority of the fabrication of Joe Biden? Joe Biden. He wasn't at Selma. He didn't protest. He didn't get involved in the movement except watching it from Corn Pop's swimming pool. 

Just a closing thought on Joe Biden's failing short-term memory. Again, in Baltimore, he flat-out forgot he'd lied about his bio and repeated the lie, seemingly for the first time, 10 minutes later. And it wasn't the only lapse in his relative short-term memory. Do you recall the video loop of the cargo ship taking down the Francis Scott Key Bridge back in late March? How could you forget? It was only a couple months ago. It appears, however, that the incident is a little fuzzy to Joe Biden.

First, he was not there the next day with the Governor. It was a full week before he showed up. Second, he could not recall the name of the bridge - the Francis Scott Key Bridge, you know, the National Anthem guy. This is the same bridge he previously claimed he rode the Amtrak over for decades, even though the bridge was a car and truck-only bridge. It was a highway, not a train track. He had no recollection of the name. None.

As long as we're talking highways, one more clip, going back to Philadelphia, to demonstrate how easily Joe Biden can walk himself into a box canyon, and how he can't ever seem to find the way out.

I promised we'd start to reconnect Black and Brown neighborhoods cut off from society by all these racist white flight freeways, Joe Biden begins his sentence. How does Joe Biden plan to reconnect them? Well, by spending pandemic relief money that didn't need to be spent on...more highways. Notice that somewhere just before he hit the rhetorical brick wall, boasting as an accomplishment the fact that his Recovery Act exacerbates the same highway problem he just claimed segregates minority communities, he has a fleeting recognition that he's stepped in it, stammers, trying to think on his feet of how to get out of it, but fails to come up with an escape. He ultimately sticks the dead-end dismount, face first into the wall.  

I remind you that Wednesday was Joe Biden's best day going forward. Today, he will be a bit worse. Tomorrow will be worse, yet. The debate is a month away. Frontiers Human Neuroscience Journal notes that the average human loses roughly 85,000 neurons a day, especially at the upper age ranges. By the time Joe Biden takes the stage in Atlanta against Donald Trump, he'll be firing on 255,000 fewer synapses than he did in Philly and Baltimore. God help us all.


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