Joe Biden's Latino Outreach Is Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville

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With apologies to still-grieving Parrot Heads everywhere, the Democrats really have a Catch-22 on their hands. They know full well that Joe Biden has a problem with Latino and Black voters. It's not a new phenomenon in polling, either. Biden has been hemorrhaging minority support for six months as the ravages of Bidenflation take its toll and people experience first-hand how bad governance can impact their daily lives. 

The New York Post on Wednesday had a pretty good roundup on some of the recent polling, and how that could extrapolate into votes for Donald Trump in November in numbers Republicans have not seen before. 

Here's the Democratic conundrum. Biden is losing support with Latinos and Blacks, but Biden's the only one that can win them back, so Democrats are faced with the dauting proposition of relying on an 81 year-old with a long propensity of saying racially insensitive things without any internal filter to hit the campaign trail.


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And if Biden can't win them back, well, according to Biden, they're not Black.

We'll get back to the Black outreach division of the Biden/Harris campaign in a bit, but we have to focus a bit on the launch of the Latino con Biden/Harris campaign, naturally at a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix to a couple dozen people. 

El Portal was the backdrop of choice, and considering who was launching the project, it was perfect. El Portal means the porch in Spanish, as in the place where you usually put the Grandpa in the rocking chair after he's up from his nap with a shawl over his lap. But the locale of a Mexican restaurant, because apparently to Joe Biden and the Democrats, that's always the first place you look when you want to find Latinos, is chef's kiss perfect. 

He opened up his remarks by issuing a fairly common straw man argument, "some people say"... followed by the claim that he's been told he cares too much about Latinos. 

No one says he cares too much about Latinos. He does get criticism at times, mostly for cringe-inducing pandering like the 2020 edition of the Todos con Biden campaign.


Yes, he should get criticized for this. Beside the fact that an 81 year-old Irish white guy is trying to groove to the beat of Despacito, a song he's clearly never heard before in his life, examine for a moment the sentiment the song is portraying. Despacito translated into English means slowly, as in the speed with which the singer would like to act out his lustful desires upon the body of a young Latina girl. To Joe Biden, this is Latino base voter wheelhouse stuff. If I'm a Latino father with a young teenage daughter, and I saw the president of the United States perving over young girls like this, I'd want to punch him in the nose, not vote for him. 

At least Biden can lean on his wife, Dr. Jill, to help guide him in the Latino outreach department, right? 

Back to El Portal '24, Biden made this extraordinary claim. 

He doesn't sound or look at all like Sam Cooke, but the one thing Biden has in common with the late R&B singer is he don't know much about history. He went to Syracuse Law School, plagiarized himself into an F in freshman year Torts, and parlayed that education into a 76th place ranking out of 85 students in the Class of 1968. He's a lawyer...barely. If he's a researcher in history, that's only true if you include writing historical fiction as history. Plenty of great writers like Steven Pressfield have written masterful historical novels. In fact, creating historical fiction may be what Biden does best. 

Okay, so maybe he's not so good at creating historical fiction after all, because he can't even settle on his own fictional history. In case you don't have a scorecard at home, here's all the other reasons over the span of a 50-year political career Biden has claimed to be the inspiration for him to run for office. 

In case your B.S. meter hasn't pegged the needle in the red zone by now, this will do the trick. 

No, he didn't. The deficit has not been cut by Biden or anyone else in decades. Once COVID relief money stopped flowing out by Congressional statute, Joe Biden not being a member of Congress at the time, the rate of increase in debt slowed...a bit. But Joe Biden's Inflation Cementation Act came along and guaranteed 2023 would result in over $2.1 trillion in deficit spending. 

This isn't even a different speech. It's the same two dozen people eating chimichangas, wondering how Biden cut the deficit $1 trillion and $2 trillion simultaneously. 

That was in Nevada earlier in the day Tuesday, and...

...this was in Arizona on Wednesday. In a span of 24 hours, Joe Biden made four claims about what he cut with regard to the deficit, and none of it has a scintilla of truth to it. The truth, in case you're remotely curious, is that Joe Biden is racking up $1 trillion in new deficit spending, adding that to the overall national debt, every 100 days. He's kept that rate going twice consecutively, or over $2 trillion in new debt over the last 200 days. I'm like Sam Cooke, too, in that I don't know much about trigonometry, but I can do ratios, and that means over the course of 365 days at this rate, or 366 since it's a leap year, we're looking at $3.66 trillion. You can call that a lot of things - obscene, scandalous, devastating, ruinous, but a cut is not the right word. 

To be fair, this is at least an improvement in Joe Biden's rhetoric. He's not looking out at the people macking out on chips and salsa saying, "Look, fat..." He's not forking around here. The election probably will, to some extent, be a referendum between him and Trump. That's precisely why he's getting beat. He's losing in swing states because his policies are disastrous, and he's too old and feeble to demonstrate either competence or an ability to course correct after his policies backfired. That's why minorities are fleeing him after supporting him in 2020.

Back to Blacks, Biden is trying to reach out to them as well on this current leg of the campaign tour. Wednesday morning, he appeared on Wisconsin radio, WNOV-AM860. 

I'm not even sure God knows what he's talking about, but if he's trying to insinuate that Black are too poor to have books and/or conversations in their homes, who's fault is that? Who's been at the helm for the past three years? Who locked kids out of schools longer than necessary after the pandemic began to subside in order to appease teachers' unions? Who is responsible for locking kids out of schools right now and forcing them back to remote learning so that the schools can be turned into dorms to house the illegal aliens he is flying to sanctuary cities and states? If Biden's complaining that life is hard right now for Blacks, keep in mind that he has been either president or vice president for 11 of the past 15 years. That's not exactly a sterling endorsement of Biden governance. 

Anyone bought or sold a house anytime in the last decade or so? That's not home values work. That's not how any of this works. Appraisers don't go looking for comps that are owned by Blacks, whites, Asians, Indians, Persians, or any other race. Appraisers look for comps within a reasonable geographic area to the property in question, and see what those properties sold for recently and adjust for differences in lot size, house size, amenities, etc. One can try to make the case that due to crime in largely Black neighborhoods, values of homes in higher crime areas might be lower than lower crime areas. But that has nothing to do with Black homes being more or less valuable than white homes. Blacks homeowners living in lower crime areas will have the same property value as their white neighbors in those same neighborhoods, and white homeowners living in high crime areas will have the same property value as their Black neighbors. Joe Biden is straight-up race-bait gaslighting here, and it's disgusting. 

Be thankful Joe isn't including Indian-Americans in this Spring Minority Tour. You know where that event would have kicked off, right? 


No joke

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