Joe Biden remembers for the 18th time a trip he took with Xi, but forgets the name of the pandemic Xi gave us

AP Photo/Los Angeles Times, Jay L. Clendenin, Pool

Operation Bubble Wrap, the mission to keep Joe Biden from quite literally falling on his face as the octogenarian president travels the country this week, has entered its fourth day.


And I’d guess you’d have to say that thus far, with a couple missteps, the goals set forth by Team Biden this week have been achieved. There’s still time yet to go, and the President isn’t getting any less wobbly in public with each passing day, but setting the limbo bar for success as keeping Biden from tripping over it is finally a policy achievement win for the White House. Congratulations, all.

Now the rest of the trip, at least in what President Biden actually said and did, and the events around the country that took place while he traveled, was an unmitigated disaster. House Oversight Chairman James Comer brought receipts for wire transfers from Hunter Biden CCP business ties payable to Hunter, but care of Joe Biden at the President’s Delaware home address. Hunter was married and living in California at the time.

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Semafor published an exhaustive look at how Iran penetrated the foreign policy apparatus of the Obama-Biden White House in order to essentially write and bring the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action into being, demonstrating that for as long as we’ve had Democrats in power in the 21st Century, American policy has never not been shaped or influenced by malign governments, whether it be Russia, China, or in Tehran.


And oh, by the way, we’re nearing a quarter million illegal migrants crossing the Southern Border every month on Joe Biden’s watch, and gas prices are back up nationally to just under $4 dollars a gallon. But let’s get back to the mission, that being one attempting to keep Biden from falling down in public somewhere with the cameras on him.

Part of that effort of late has been to use the short set of stairs going in and out of Air Force One. Not as majestic and robust as climbing up or stepping down on the iconic red-carpeted stairs we’re used to seeing from an American president, but we’re now saddled with the service entrance. And he still came this close to taking a header.

Once safely on blue ground in the Golden State, the President displayed that famous Biden vigor for which he’s so well known.

Glad to see all that physiotherapy is paying off in a two-and-a-half step shuffle. In Michigan, the President joined the picket line, albeit for about 12-minutes, in a show of solidarity. Now if you think you can explain and support everything the picketing auto workers are demanding, you’re a better person than Joe Biden, because he doesn’t have a clue in the world what they’re actually seeking. And people inside the President’s cabinet won’t commit to saying Biden supports all the items on the list of demands of the UAW.


And once in California, the President shared in the official welcoming into the family of nations the beleaguered Cook Islands. Why are we even having this ceremony this week, you ask? Well, Joe Biden filled us in.

Joe Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. That’s technically not Baltimore. His family moved when he was 11 to Delaware, which technically, is not Baltimore. Joe Biden, after not spending his youth getting started in the Civil Rights movement, eventually did get elected to the United States Senate representing the State of Delaware, of which does not include the city of Baltimore within its current or previous borders. The Prime Minister of the Cook Islands, Mark Brown, was born in the Cook Islands, which is 6,784 miles from Baltimore. He was educated in New Zealand, which is 7,517 miles from Baltimore. There really is no record of him living anywhere other than in the Cook Islands as an adult. There hasn’t even been any record of a Baltimore Oriole being sighted west of Colorado on a migratory flight, let alone seeing an oriolenhalfway around the world in the Cook Islands. He has no connection to Baltimore, and neither does Joe Biden.


But at least the President made it back to Washington physically unscathed, and the White House’s Operation Bubble Wrap is a success. Here’s what they can’t protect.

At the White House Wednesday, Joe Biden gave a Zoom meeting on AI and tech. Here’s what Biden did say, which isn’t true.

He didn’t travel the world with Xi Jinping. He made one trip to a province near, but not in, Tibet. If you include the trip back to Washington, he’s maybe got 5,000 miles into the trip with Xi, not 17,000 but that’s being charitable. It’s probably more like a thousand miles. No one can come up with where he got 17,000. He’s made the claim about going to Tibet with Xi at least 17 previous times, long after the claim has been debunked. Even the New York Times debunked the claim over a year ago.

Glenn Kessler, in a rare fact-check of Joe Biden, gave him three Pinocchios for the fable. It’s just not true, and even regime media knows it. Yet Wednesday, Biden offered it for at least the 18th time, and it’s still untrue.

Now here’s what Biden didn’t have the mental capacity to say, which is very much true, and that is about the virus and from where it originated.

He couldn’t remember the name of the virus. He couldn’t come up with COVID. The President who said he’d shut down the virus, but not shut down the economy, had done virtually nothing for the former and is trying his damnedest to bring about the latter. Joe Biden apparently can recall vividly trip details with a foreign leader that didn’t happen, but can’t recall the name of the plague that this same foreign leader travel buddy unleashed upon the world, killing millions.


Go ahead and celebrate, Team Biden. You earned it. You kept the President on his feet. But unlike the scenario in Weekend At Bernie’s, you can’t keep Joe Biden from having to open his mouth and speak into a microphone. There is no operation the White House can mount to combat his words. That is Mission Impossible.

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