In California, the state's takeover of parenting is nearly complete

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I had to go to Washington, D.C. over the weekend to setup and produce a remote broadcast from Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Republican Policy Conference. It was at a hotel in Georgetown, and in the cab on the way into the city from Reagan Airport, the cabbie asked me what was so heavy in the bag we loaded into the trunk. I told him very cautiously I was in town briefly to do a radio/TV show. He asked if I was with NPR. Internally, I laughed. Externally, I was still sporting the poker face, which you have to put on these days unless you know whether you’re going to be held hostage by some crazy fanatic on one side of the political spectrum or the other.

It turns out this driver is Muslim, and used to consider himself to be a Democrat, but no longer. “The liberals have screwed everything up. Everything.” He went on to add, “Take this pride stuff. It’s everywhere. It’s too much. It’s too much. There’s only two genders.” He held up two fingers to punctuate his point. Unbeknownst to me, simultaneously at the White House, which we drove right by on the way to the hotel, Joe Biden held a pride event on the South Lawn, and met with lots of people from the alphabet community, including a man assuming the role and identity of a woman. This person later recorded a selfie video, where he then bared his implanted breasts on the White House lawn, celebrating his pride and demanding to free the nipple.

At the White House Press briefing a day later, Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the incident, and her response was that behavior was unacceptable. That was astounding me. It was the equivalent of adopting a baby shark, nurturing it, caring for it, feeding it as it grows into a bigger shark, and eventually swimming with the shark. When the shark inevitably bites your leg off and you say that the shark’s behavior was unacceptable, it’s a shark. That’s what sharks do. What did she expect the behavior to be from a group that conducts drag shows in front of kids and celebrates openly whatever form of sexual deviancy they happen to practice?

Going back to my Muslim cabbie saying it’s too much, I believe that is a shared belief with a vast majority of Americans across the country. Anti-gay bigotry? Sure, there’s still some of that in the country, and any of it is too much. But my suspicion is that most Americans know someone who is gay, or someone representing one of the other letters in the increasing acronym describing the overall gay community, and have an attitude of indifference about it so long as it doesn’t impact or confront them all the time. But that’s not acceptable to the gay community. Each successive June for the last decade or so has been filled with more dread than the last one, because each June brings more agenda than the year before, more confrontation, more demands not just for tolerance or normalcy, but primacy when compared to traditional views on sexuality.

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ embrace and celebration of a group of weirdos parading around in Catholic garb to mock the tenets of Christianity, sexualizing things like the Crucifixion, continue to layer on top of what shocked and offended the year before as the private sector tries to keep up with the new social demands being put on them by a very noisy minority who happen to have the Democratic Party and their publicity arm, the regime media, aiding and abetting them. But at least all these people making these demands are adults. They’re over 18. They can decide for themselves how deviant they want to be, and they are entitled to use the political process and social pressures available to them in order to advance their agenda. I may not like it. I don’t agree with their point of view. But they have every right to affect change as they see fit within our Constitutional republic.

That all goes out the window when you bring kids into the picture, or at least it should. The gay community isn’t satisfied with just expanding their reach into societal fabric amongst adults. They want your kids. President Joe Biden spoke on their behalf at a pride event at the White House recently. “They’re not your kids,” Biden said. “They’re our kids.” Let me take you to California, where that’s about to become law.

Assembly Bill 957 was up this week for a vote in the California lower chamber’s Judiciary Committee. It passed. It now moves to the floor for a full vote in a 80-seat chamber where Democrats hold a 62-18 advantage. It’ll pass easily. It then moves on to the State Senate, where the Democrats hold a 32-8 edge in a 40-seat body. It’ll pass there, too. What does AB 957 do exactly?

AB 957 encourages parents who support their TGI children by “making it clear that affirming a child’s gender identity is part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.” It also allows courts to consider a parent’s affirmation of their child’s gender identity when making decisions about visitation and custody.

Here’s the bill’s sponsor, Lori Wilson of Suisun City, which is a wide spot in the road almost halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento.

The impact of this bill, when it eventually becomes law, will be nothing short of devastating to what’s left of the family unit in California. If you are the parent of a young child who for whatever reason thinks it would be cool to change genders, you as the parent, under this pending law, must affirm that decision by the child and make whatever arrangements, including gender altering surgeries, available. If you as the parent say no to your child on this subject, the law would deem that child abuse. Yes, you read that right. If you physically abuse your child, beat/strike/burn, break bones, sexually abuse, the state can remove that child from your home, and for obviously good reason. But now if you say to your 8-year old that no, you cannot remove your penis and start hormone treatment so you can grow breasts and become a girl, you are committing child abuse in the eyes of California law in the same was as beating that child. It’s literally redefining the term child abuse by turning it on its head.

Keep in mind that the same hypothetical 8-year cannot legally vote, drink, smoke, vape, get a tattoo, sign a binding contract, consent to sexual intercourse (at least for now), be tried as an adult or held accountable as an adult for committing any number of felonies, own a firearm, skip school, drive, or receive an aspirin for a headache by the school nurse without parental consent. The child cannot hold elective office, or at least run for the ones that matter, join the military, see an R-rated movie (much less an X-rated or XXX one), fly alone without parental consent, or even be out in public places alone without a parent present from the hours of 11:30pm and 5:00am in California. But a child can decide to have permanent disfiguring gender reassignment surgery, and you as a parent cannot will not legally be permitted to block it. And if that child is removed from your home on these grounds of physical abuse, you are subject to be prosecuted and imprisoned as any other person who committed actual abuse is.

In addition, if you are divorced and have split custody of a child who decides they want to join this fad and have the surgery, if one parent says yes, and one says no, the court will now step in and remove custody from the parent saying no, and reward full custody to the one saying yes. That’s it. Game over. No need to spend sleepless nights worrying about instilling values and morals into your kids. No need to worry about trying to prevent bad influences from luring your child away from you. The state is about to ensure that you can no longer legally stop that from happening. California is codifying Joe Biden’s statement from Sunday. They’re no longer your kids. They’re the state’s kids. They’re the government’s kids.

Gavin Newsom will undoubtedly sign it. I would have loved to have seen Hannity grill him on this alone for a segment Monday night on Fox. He didn’t. Hannity got manhandled by Newsom. There are a number of possible reasons why. I don’t know whether Hannity underestimated the slickness factor of Newsom, or whether he’s trying to play 4-D chess and chose to lay down for this interview in order to make Newsom look like a plausible replacement candidate for Joe Biden and in essence, tried his hand at Operation Chaos, tempting Democrats to pick someone besides Biden as their nominee.

Whatever the reason, Newsom came off of that interview looking very electable and likeable, mainly because he wasn’t pressed on issues that Americans nationwide oppose him on by 80-20 margins. If you were to poll the question of whether government should prosecute parents for blocking their minor children from gender-reassignment surgeries, I’m pretty sure the results would be lopsided, but yet here we are in the Golden State, on the threshold of parental Armageddon. Regime media, now including Hannity, apparently, won’t make much of this story, because the Trump indictment is dominating everything.

But I go back to my cab driver in D.C., who as we turned into the U-shaped driveway of the hotel, where a three-story pride mural had been decorated on the corner post of the hotel, said, “See? Look at that. It’s too much. Too much. We have to do something, or we’ll lose this country forever.” And this was coming from a Muslim immigrant who actually does have pride, in his American citizenship…for now.

How bad is it in California? Here’s Republican Scott Wilk warning parents. Get out of California with your kids while you have a chance.

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