Virginia Democrat Grills IRS Commissioner, Discovers Democrats' 2014 Campaign Strategy

What a grand day for the Democratic Party Monday turned out to be. Their soon-to-be supreme empress, Hillary Rodham Clinton, began the day with a print interview given to the Guardian that Ed talked about, where she tried to say no, really, we’re not rich, trust us. Even the Morning Joe panel on MSNBC recognized it was tone deaf. The CNN crew laughed spontaneously at her claim of poverty.

The Middle East continued to devolve into chaos as the day progressed, while President Obama simultaneously tried to make the story of the day something about too many pregnant women get fired for taking too many potty breaks or something.

Then came the nightcap, when the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hosted an encore performance by John Koskinen, the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. Commissioner Koskinen, you might recall, just gave a show-stopping performance in front of the House Ways & Means Committee last Friday, and being the giver he is, Koskinen was glad to appear in a special Monday night session in front of OGR. And when I say giver, I mean that in the Democratic Party donor sense, being that Koskinen has donated close to $100,000 over the last three and a half decades, beginning with Gary Hart in 1979, and as recent as Senator Mark Warner of Virginia in 2013, with gifts to Obama twice, both Clintons, the DCCC, DSCC, and the DNC as well. You’ll probably be as surprised to learn as Mr. Koskinen was in late 2013 that he was appointed seemingly out of nowhere to become the next commissioner of the IRS. (h/t Free Beacon)

The hearing went pretty much as expected over the next three and a half hours – Republicans going after Koskinen with ferocity, and Democrats trying to deflect. But about halfway in, Fairfax, Virginia Democrat Gerald Connolly took the defense to a whole new level.

Please, Democrats, you know you are tempted to go with this, but there’s a little voice of sanity desperately trying to fight for oxygen in your head. And that voice is trying to caution you that making the case that the IRS is the poor victim here, and that the poor IRS needs to have more money, power and authority to be able to thrive is probably a political message that is a little too tone deaf even for the modern day Democratic Party.

I beseech you. Do not listen to that voice. Grab a mental can of Raid and don’t let up on the button until Jiminy Cricket stops twitching. This is your campaign message. This is your rallying cry. Forget all those constituency groups that always bicker internally and give you headaches when their agendas clash. Your true base that galvanizes Americans? It’s the folks at the Internal Revenue Service, and all those Americans who look back at their experience with that august agency with fondness and affection. If you win over the auditors, you win over the voters.

Hearts and minds, Democrats. I’ll help you with the bumper stickers.