Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane charged for perjury, obstruction, abuse

This has been coming for over a year. Here’s the back story. I will summarize. In March of last year, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was taking heat in the press for dropping a case against five Democrats, including four state lawmakers, who were caught on video accepting bribes. Her response to this criticism, which almost certainly came from the investigators themselves, took a depressingly predictable pattern.

First she blamed racism because the five videotaped Democrats were black. Then she blamed a “Good Ol’ Boys club” out to get her because she is a woman. Then she threatened to sue the Philly newspaper that published the story.

What happened next is what brings us to today. According to the charges brought by the Montgomery County District Attorney, Kane leaked grand jury information to embarrass the prosecutors she thought were responsible for telling the story to the press. .

Kane allegedly leaked information to a political operative to pass to the news media “in hopes of embarrassing and harming former state prosecutors she believed, without evidence, made her look bad,” Ferman said.

A statewide grand jury recommended in December that Kane be charged with criminal contempt, perjury, obstruction, false swearing and official oppression.

A member of Kane’s security detail has also been charged for a role in the cover-up that followed the leak. Kane has declined to step down. Kane was, until last year, considered Pennsylvania Democrats’ brightest rising star.