Allen West: Civil Rights Icon John Lewis is a hypocrite

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis, admitting he didn’t know the facts of the case, proceeded to defend Charlie Rangel against his ethics violations by dredging up Rangel’s involvement in the Civil Rights movement. I guess the facts of the case or rather the actual ethics violations themselves don’t matter to John Lewis if you are one of his friends. Yet Allen West says that while he was being viciously attacked during his recent campaign, having his social security number mailed to all of his constituents and being accused of being a member of an all white motorcycle gang, that John Lewis came down and campaigned against him, supporting the man who was playing the race card and egregiously smearing him. West sees this as duplicitous and asks if instead of defending Charlie Rangel, Lewis should have stood on character.

West also has strong words for the Congressional Black Caucus that he criticizes for ‘preaching victimization and dependency’ while supporting ‘liberal social welfare policies that are failing in the black community’.

It’s been a long time in coming, but I am so happy to see Allen West, a man of character and principle, not only taking on the Congressional Black Caucus but the liberal policies of the Left in his new capacity as a congressman. This will be a fight worth watching.

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