Pilot to Hannity: The TSA wanted to see my penis

Yeah, he really said that, which caught Hannity completely off guard. What he was really talking about was going through the airport scanners. Michael Roberts, a pilot who is now suing Homeland Security decided to forgo the airport scanners and the fully body ‘love pats’ and took the third option of going home, which is where he’s been every since. He says that he’s always gone through the metal detector, but this is going way too far.

A point that Hannity made which I find interesting is that the logic fails on scanning and searching pilots because they can ultimately crash the plane anyway. There’s no procedure in the world that can prevent that and it just shows how ludicrous these measures have become. Last night on the O’Reilly Factor, Ann Coulter asked if body cavity searches would be next, considering that terrorists have already used this method to conceal explosives.

What we really need to do is to take a page out of Israel’s playbook and begin doing background checks on airline passengers and putting people on the ground in the airports that are specifically trained to interview suspicious passengers. These methods are much less invasive, and highly effective according to the former Security Chief of El Al airlines.

I’ll be glad when we get some common sense in Washington. This is really getting pathetic.

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